Glow Carbon Fiber Heart Necklace
Glow Carbon Fiber Heart Necklace

Glow Carbon Fiber Heart Necklace

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Glow Carbon Fiber Heart necklace

Very unique pendant made of glow in the dark carbon fiber, fully handmade by Coto, you will be amazed how much attention you will receive in dark places and in daylight too! 

Pendant can be ordered with or without necklace. We offer highest quality black leather necklace.



Material : glow in the dark carbon fiber
Glows in the dark
Hand shaped
Width - 28mm
Multiple necklace sizes.


All Coto glow products are activated by UV light (Sun is most powerfull source of ultra-violet light, but most LED flashlights will work well too). To make it glow, just leave it under the sun light for minute or two and then you can check for some magic in the dark. Glow time depends on the amount of glow pigment used and can be recharched for unlimited times.



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